A Beach Workout for Your Vacation

Vacationing near a beach has many perks such as extra sunshine, playing in the water and even exercising on the beach! Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to you’re your daily workout. Whether you’re doing a quick HITT workout, jogging beachside, or doing burpees along the coast there are quite a few reasons you should consider hitting the beach on your next staycation.

Less impact on body

-Exercising or running in the sand has less of an impact on your body which makes it long-term easier on your joints. The sand makes for more resistance. Sand creates an increase in muscle tone and higher calorie burn.

Spice up you exercises

-You can virtually do any workout on the beach: yoga, running, Zumba, Pilates, HITT workouts.

Vitamin D boost

-Exercising on the beach will defiantly guarantee a nice dose of vitamin D. Just make sure you are wearing sunscreen even on over casted days.

Tighten & Tone Beach Workouts

Sand squat jumps, Beach Jogging, Bear Crawls, Pushups, Burpees, Planking knee-to-elbow, beach volleyball, surfing, biking,

Don’t worry, your core will thank you later

No matter how you choose to exercise beach side you are working your core as well as all the smaller stabilizing muscles that normally aren’t engaged when you are hitting the gym.

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