Anjanesyasana or Low Lunge

Level: Beginner

Benefits: Increase hip flexibility, decreased sciatic pain, creates low spine stability

Begin in downward facing dog pose (start on all fours and keep knees behind hips). Hands should be shoulder width apart.

On an exhale, step your left foot forward between hands and stack your knee in line with ankle. Gently lower your right knee and allow the top of your foot to settle on mat.

Slide your right knee back to what’s comfortable. Inhale and slowly rise.

You will sweep hands overhead to frame your ears. Turn palms to face another and gaze at fingertips.

As you exhale, pull from public bone to belly button and lift chest from hips. Hold pose for 30-60 seconds. Inhales can lengthen the spine and deepen the stretch.

Repeat on right side.

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