Exercises for Carpal Tunnel

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: numbness, pain and stiffness in hand + fingers. 

Below are three exercises you can do daily. These simple stretches and exercises only require you, no equipment. These can be done while at your desk, waiting to check out at the store or whenever you find a minute or maybe three to spare. 

The Straightforward: Shake

Shaking hands like you are air drying them after washing. Do this technique 1-3 minutes every hour to keep flexor muscles from getting tight and cramped during the day. You could even integrate this method into your hand washing. After all, you are washing your hands frequently. 

The Armstrong: Deep Stretch

Place one arm straight out in front, elbow will be straight. Wrist and fingers will be facing ground. Spread your fingers slowly while using other hand to apply pressure downward. This will stretch your fingers and wrist. When maximum point of flexibility has been reached, hold for 15-20 seconds. Rotate hands and repeat. 

Tendon Glides: Apply heat prior, ice after

With wrist straight and hand in front of you, fully straighten all fingers out. Bend tips of fingers into hook like position with knuckles pointing up. Proceed into a tight fist with thumb over fingers. 

Additional info: Apple heat to hand before performing exercises for about 10 mins. After completing exercises, apple bag of crushed ice to hand for 20 mins to aid in inflammation.

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