3 Holiday Stretches to De-Stress

Doorway Stretch

Place your hands on either side of the door frame and step forward with the right light. Lean into this stretch until felt across the armpit and chest area. Switch sides.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Begin by being in a half kneeling position. (You can use a form mat or pillow under the knee for added protection) Push pelvis forward until stretch is felt in front hip/leg. Keep your body upright and try not to lean forward. Hold stretch for 30 seconds and aim for 2 repetitions then switch sides. 

Quad Stretch

Start stretching by standing near a chair or counter to help with balance. Bend your right leg and grab your foot until stretch is felt across the front of your thigh. Make sure the knee stays pointed downward toward the floor. Hold stretch for 30 seconds and switch sides.

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