4 Chiropractic Stretches for Neck Pain

Our necks are commonly exposed to minor and major injuries. Car accidents, bad posture, text neck, aging, falls, chronic stiffness, the list goes on. Chiropractors are able to often adjust and restore our natural mobility in the neck. However, outside of adjustments, addressing the area on a more daily basis can go even further in your health journey away from pain. Below are 4 stretches that increase flexibility and keep neck movement in check.


Side to side: Rotate head to right without any pressure. Hold pose for 15 seconds and then repeat on left side.

Chin to chest: Lower chin forward. Place hands on the back of your head and gently apply pressure for 15 seconds. This is meant to be a gentle stretch. If you feel like your neck is being exerted, you are doing it wrong. 

Arch back: Lead head backwards. This will be a free stretch and doesn’t require added pressure. Hold for 15 seconds. This will stretch front neck muscles. 

Lean: Begin by stretching head towards your shoulder. Keep shoulder straight. The goal is to stretch the muscles in your neck. Hold for 15 seconds then switch sides.

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