Chiropractic: What to Bring to Appointment After an Accident

So, you’ve just been in a car accident, and you have scheduled a chiropractic appointment. Now what?! Patients that seek chiropractic care post car accident are looking for a drug free, natural way to repair injuries and better promote overall health. Visiting Total Health Chiropractic once released from hospital/doctor can help aid in the healing process of injuries not detected such as soft tissue damage, migraine disorders and whiplash. Even if it’s the tiniest auto collision, your concern shouldn’t end when leaving the scene. Your vehicle may not show any damage, but our bodies can sustain injury even at the lowest of speeds. Chiropractic care can make recovery faster and get you back to normal activities with less interruption time. 

If a patient has been involved in a car accident you will be asked to bring with you more information than a regular first-time chiropractic adjustment appointment. Below is a guide on what to bring and why.

Insurance Information: When being treated by one of our chiropractors we ask that insurance information be provided to us. Whether this is your personal insurance information, the at-fault driver’s insurance information, or med pay information provided from your auto policy. At Total Health Chiropractic we accept most insurance plans. Call our office today for more information 423-517-7000.

Photo ID: You will need to bring a photo ID to be seen by a chiropractor. It’s essential for us to verify your identity and have a copy of your ID on file.

Attorney Info: If you don’t have an attorney, we can refer you to one. However, if you are already working with one, it is beneficial to provide us with their contact info for us to reach them. The attorney will need to sign a lien with the office granting medical bills to be paid upon settlement of your case. 

Claim #/Police Report: On your first visit post-accident having a copy of the police report can be extremely crucial. We do have many patients however that visit us before the police report is available, and in those cases, we just ask that you provide us with a claim number so that we can obtain the report at a later date. It is important to be seen by a chiropractor as quickly as possible post-accident. If any of the information above is lacking, we always work with our patients to gather missing information on a later date. We do encourage patients to be as prepared as possible when visiting for the first time.

At Total Health Chiropractic, we offer a team of compassionate, and comprehensive chiropractic care for help with injuries that follow car accidents. Our licensed and trained chiropractic team will evaluate your injuries, discuss treatment goals and create a plan of analysis that allows you the best outcome possible. Call one of our 7 Total Health locations today 423-517-7000!

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