Chiropractic: Senior Care

The Golden years may be some of the best years, but as we enter these years it’s no surprise that our bodies have aged and changed. Muscles and bones have weakened. Choosing to make health and activity a priority can make the golden years even better! Many seniors face deteriorating bodies over time, the good news is Total Health Chiropractic can help!

If you are already a patient at Total Health Chiropractic then you know that health and safety of our patients is our number one priority! Chiropractic care especially for senior citizens can aid in decreasing the risk for slips and falls, increase mobility, and help restore balance. Our chiropractors are trained to treat the delicate needs of elederly in a gentle, safe, and effective way. We first examine the spine to find subluxations. These subluxations could be the cause of many issues. 

Seniors that struggle with decreasing mobility, chiropractic may be the answer! We can help restore movement and flexibility. Our team creates a custom plan fit to address your unique needs. Many of our senior citizens find after adding chiropractic care to their priority list that they can finally bend down and play with grandkids, enjoy gardening, and increase range of motion. Adjustments lead to increased quality of life no matter your age!

To learn more on how Total Health Chiropractic can help your loved ones, call us at (423) 517-7000

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